• June 12, 2021

Have a nice drink! This Prosecco helps against wrinkles

There are many crazy studies and theories on Prosecco and Co. We have discovered something completely new for you: Prosecco, which makes you beautiful. No joke! The Beauty Secco "Ambrosium" should be good for the skin - but how should it work?

11 grams of collagen per bottle

Very easily. A bottle of Beauty Secco contains high quality collagen. Eleven grams to be precise. Collagen is a structural protein known for its anti-aging properties and is responsible, among other things, for making our skin structure firm, elastic and moist. In short, it prevents wrinkles.

The Beauty Secco was developed by two university lecturers from Magdeburg. Her idea behind the beauty drink is to just drink nicely. That sounds almost too good to be true! In an interview with "Bild" they reveal: We thought there had to be a drink that tastes great, is still healthy and makes you feel good. "That's just a thought to our taste.

That's how you get it

If you wonder now if such a health Prosecco also tastes. According to the product reviews, it should taste as a prosecco should taste: fruity, dry and tingling. Incidentally, you can get it easily in the Douglas online shop. If you do not plan anything at the weekend, then we would know something there. And drink nice. Cheers!

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