Harvey Weinstein: Only in November should there be a new court date

Harvey Weinstein (66) was supposed to return to court on September 20, but nothing will come of it. As US media report consistently, the scheduled date for Thursday has been postponed to 8 November. For this week, an important decision was initially expected.

More time for investigations

The fallen film mogul, who is currently being charged with multiple sexual offenses, including human trafficking, has been accused since October 2017 of allegedly avoiding dozens of women in recent decades. For Thursday, it was expected that a judge would decide whether the case against Weinstein could possibly be stopped, as the "New York Post" reports.

The former film producer had previously requested that the lawsuit be dismissed. Meanwhile, the district attorney in charge had - as expected - argued against it. Weinstein's lawyer Ben Brafman has now stated that both sides have agreed to the shift in order to have more time for their respective investigations.

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