Happy Birthday, Terence Hill!

Terence Hill, we love you! Honestly! Yes, even if you are already proud 70 and could easily be our grandfather.

Your blue eyes have accompanied us through our childhood. Spellbound we sat with our siblings in front of the TV and have you in the countless repetitions of Italo-Western like "Four fists for a hallelujah" or "My name is Nobody" is languishing. Okay, okay, next to Bud Spencer it was not that hard to look shiny. But still.

You were the first man we fell in love with. A Brad Pitt can pack something of that against you. Your left hook was a-tem-be-rau-bend, your coolness just unique.

So, dear Terence Hill, enjoy your day and thank you for the butterflies in your stomach!

Happy Birthday, Terence Hill!

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Terence Hill (Mario Girotti) 75 year Happy Birthday! (March 2023).

Terence Hill, Terence Hill, Bud Spencer