Hallelujah! This bra will revolutionize the market

An international study shows that women's breasts are rarely the same size. In general, the right is larger than the left (here you read 7 surprising facts about breasts). Nevertheless, underwear manufacturers have so far barely responded to this phenomenon.

A topic that employs many women

The 24-year-old Jasmin Neuefeind from Munich dealt more closely with the topic. She also has different sized breasts. She began researching the web. You were u.a. Websites that advise women to undergo breast surgery. Jasmine got fed up and decided to just develop her own bra for asymmetrical breasts.

Bravaria is born!

So the young woman founded the start-up Bravaria, a hybrid of "Bra" and "Bavaria" (Bavaria). The label wants to offer suitable underwear for every woman. Of course, her specially constructed Bra is not a panacea, says the 24-year-old compared to the South German. "He can not make the female breast bigger or smaller, but he supports the comfort and appearance." Means: The chest with less volume is compensated for in the "Bravaria" by an internal cup.

From the outside it should not be recognizable that there are two different sized cups in the bra. The design of the lingerie is simple and elegant.

From September there are the models to shop

On the Bravaria homepage, there will be an online shop with the first models starting in September. We are curious to see which size scheme Bravaria will offer the Cups. We stay tuned!

My Hot Property (July 2020).

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