Gynecomastia: What Man (s) Can Do Against Unpleasant Male Busts

What is behind the phenomenon?

What is desirable for women can become a nightmare for men - a deep cleavage. However, men who grow breasts are not uncommon. The medical term for the phenomenon is "Gynecomastia": "Gyne" stands for woman and "mastos" for breast.

The victims can both single-sided and double-sided enlarged breasts have what is usually on one benign growth of the mammary glands declining. Doctors differentiate four forms physiological breast enlargement in men:

  • Neugeborenengynäkomastie: This form already occurs in babies - the female hormones of the mother were transmitted to the newborn through the placenta. However, the breast generally develops back.
  • pubertal gynecomastia: In about 50 percent of all boys, a small breast forms during puberty, which usually recedes completely. In some cases, the regression may be absent, especially in overweight boys. Puberty gynecomastia is the most common form.
  • AltersgynäkomastieIn old age, the amount of adipose tissue in the body increases and the production of testosterone decreases. The enzyme aromatase, which occurs especially in adipose tissue, converts testosterone into estrogen. Both effects can cause the mammary tissue to begin to grow.
  • pseudogynecomastiaThe so-called "false" gynecomastia arises only through fat deposits in the chest (and not by enlarged mammary glands), which are produced by obesity and obesity.

In addition to the physiological there are those too pathological gynecomastia, which may be a symptom of various hormonal disorders or a side effect of various medications. The morbid male bosoms can be triggered by a lack of male hormones (androgen deficiency), increased estrogen formation and medications. In very rare cases, the male breast is also a sign of breast cancer or cirrhosis.

Which treatment is suitable?

A normal physiological male breast usually does not need to be treated, as it usually regresses by itself. This is the case with newborns or adolescents. If the cause is a disrupted hormone balance, the treatment will be to bring estrogen and testosterone back into balance. If that does not work with a diet change, too can work with you drugs be intervened in the hormone balance.

Mostly affected by the mental stress but to plastic surgery driven, such as one Andrometectomy, lipomastia or breast reduction, The latter is the most popular, the breasts are surgically reduced while the glandular body and fatty tissue are removed with a fine cannula. The doctor then models the breast from its own fat back into its natural form. This usually also a nipple correction is made.

Such an OP can cost between 2,900 and 4,500 euros, Whether the health insurance covers the costs depends on the form of gynecomastia. A pseudogynecomastia is usually not adopted. Incidentally, in addition to ear correction, wrinkle injection and sweat gland treatment, breast reduction is one of the most common men's cosmetic surgeries.

Can man prevent the bosom?

Men have two options to fight - or prevent - a burgeoning male breast. If a gynecomastia indicates that they should reconsider their lifestyle: beer can e.g. contribute significantly to breast growth. Not only because of the alcohol and calorie content, but also because of the so-called phyto-estrogensthat are stuck in the hops. Those who think about their alcohol intake will have less problems with "man boobs".

And also Sports is not insignificant to counteract gynecomastia. He trains the muscles, tightens the connective tissue and the skin. Men should rely on sports that strengthen the chest muscles, such as: swimming, rowing, abdominal and back exercises or pushups.

Man Boobs | How To Treat, Manage and Eliminate Gynecomastia (March 2023).

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