• August 13, 2020

Great hair overnight? No problem!

Not with wet or open hair to bed

Hair is much more sensitive when wet. If you turn at night, it can happen that the hair is bent or rubbed against the pillow, causing split ends. It is therefore best to go to sleep with dry, tied hair.

Anyone who has sensitive hair anyway, is better advised with a pillowcase made of silk than with a cotton, since the friction is lower.


If you have very long hair, you probably will not go to sleep with your hair open anyway. Too annoying! A loosely bound braid keeps the hair out of the face and at the same time protects the hair structure. According to experts, untangling the hair next morning is more damaging to the hair than loosely stuffing it overnight. Just do not braid it too hard.

If you fancy a loose wavy mane in your sleep, you can braid your hair if it is still slightly damp. Or dabble with a nourishing moisturizer. Then it is best to pull an old cotton shirt over the braid to protect the hair while sleeping.

Tie to the bun

If the hair is too short for braiding, it also does a bun. Do not tie too tightly and use hair elastics without metal. As with lichen, a little residual moisture in the hair can provide a nice boost the next morning. Do not forget to turn the tips on!

Screw in to snails

Hach, it was already a joy as a child: Papilots make overnight for a mega curly head. Alternatively, by the way, also toilet paper works, which you fold in and knots the twisted hair strands. If this look is 80ies, turn individual strands into loose snails and fix them with flat braces on the head. The smaller the snails, the curlier the hair becomes. For soft waves, turn big snails. The next morning, do not brush your hair, just pluck it with your fingers.

Care overnight

Of course, 15 minutes are great too - if you leave masks or cures to work overnight, the hair gets deluxe deep care. The best thing is to rub the product strand by strand and then heat again with the hair dryer to enhance the care effect. Then tie an old shirt around your head or cover the pillow with a microfibre towel - this is gentler on the hair structure than terry. Rinse thoroughly the next morning.

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