"Grandpa, you old ox!" ? Board games for the holidays

"Man does not annoy you", "Risk" and "Mallefitz" have cost us so many nerves and a lot of time. It is said that some families split up after that. Reason enough to introduce a few games whose fun potential is higher than the dispute.

Speaking plain is actually always good. Only sometimes it is really hard. Really. In plain language that is literally meant: Here one must say sentences, while one carries a Maulsperre similar to the Bleeching rail in the mouth. The others then have to guess the perverted sentences.

Certainly some tears will be laughed at. And clean up afterwards!

With Looping Louie you can train your responsiveness. Children over the age of three are allowed to play and so it is not unfair, adults should have a certain basic level or blindfolded. For every chicken that falls off the shelf, another drink is allowed? child-friendly alternatively also a cucumber slice? be destroyed.

Gacker alert!

Who wants to know more about his family or other players can play Vertellis and ask questions over the last 12 months."What moment would you like to experience again?" is one of the questions. Well, now the question is, if you really want to know everything about your family? or want to give it yourself.

"Who would you like to thank?"

Careful, it can pop here! In the card game "6 takes" the name is Program: Each player places one card per round and then the number row is created. Every sixth card in a row gets the pile. But watch out: Some cards have more minuses, called bullheads than others.

"Did you say boring ox to me ???"

A classic: The snappy crocodile, the teeth have been drawn since the 90s. Kroko Doc is great if you want to play something "just for a short time". By the way, also great: In the variant as a drinking game!
And all:

"Play the game with the crocodile.
You are the crocodile doc, the crocodile doc "

We used to call it a charade, today pantomime tasks are integrated into various board games. One of them is Activity. Terms have to be drawn, circumscribed or pantomimed. To make the whole thing even more exciting, is there a Let's Party? Tick ​​Tack Bumm Activity integrating the bomb from "Tick Tack Bumm".

"Uncle Bernd is a ticking time bomb!"

Betrayal Legacy - Part 13 | Game the Game (March 2023).

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