Graciano Rocchigiani: When will his body be transferred to Germany?

The sudden death of Graciano "Rocky" Rocchigiani at just 54 years old still leaves family, friends and fans stunned. The boxing legend was run over by a car in Sicily last week. But there are still no concrete plans for the funeral.

At the request of the news agency spot on news, Rocchigiani's daughter Janina explained that the corpse of her deceased father would "arrive in Berlin in the next few days". Since they still have to wait for the transfer, a funeral date is not fixed yet.

Rocchigiani's daughter from a previous marriage flew to Sicily on Wednesday to arrange everything on the ground. As a police spokesman said a few days ago, the former boxing champion had been on foot on Monday evening in Sicily on foot and been hit by a car. The exact course of action must therefore still be determined - among other things, whether alcohol was involved.


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