Gordon Ramsay: Now he is a fivefold father

Congratulations, Gordon Ramsay (52)! The British star chef became father for the fifth time. He confirmed this with an Instagram post directly from the delivery room. "After three Baftas and one Emmy, we finally won an Oscar," Ramsay writes with a wink regarding his son's name. He is now listening to Oscar James Ramsay and was born at exactly 12:58 pm on Thursday afternoon. Just in time for lunch, as Ramsay notes.

In addition to the actual family portrait of himself, Oscar and his wife Tana, he posted three more pictures of the author and now five-fold mom, as she presses her newborn a love kiss on the forehead. Gordon and Tana are already parents of four children together: Megan (21), Matilda (17) and the dizygotic twins Jack and Holly (19).

In 2016, the family had to cope with a heavy blow of fate. Tana had a miscarriage. As the Daily Mail reports, this tragedy brought the family closer to each other, according to Ramsay. In an interview, the star chef said, "You realize how well you are and what you own, how happy you are with your remaining children, and you remember what you have. It has strengthened family ties. " Gordon Ramsay has been married to wife Tana for about 22 years.

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