Go on your Grantler: Rauf on the Tussi-Toaster! Good mood to go, please!

What I hate most about winter? I have a very clear answer to that. Neither ice, snow nor cold matters to me much. The gray sadness and the bare trees do not knock me out of my socks. No, it's the squeamery that hits you as soon as you take a step outside the front door.

Spring fever? I call it springtime

Where does it come from, that the whole world thinks that it can adapt to the rugged winter world in a much rugged way? In the subway I am jostled without a word. Pensioners are threatened with sticks at the checkout if they are left unchecked. Parent evenings almost escalate into mass wiles. Scenes that play so much in winter. As if it were not necessary to counteract with a friendly smile or nice words. No, you're so tired, so sickly, so ready for a vacation and in general, that's sometimes worth one to two pulled down corners and a ten-minute lecture on the cruelty of being worth. How strange people mutate after five months of sunburn. In any case, I really do not want to know where the inhabitants of the Arctic Circle are so mentally.

Please do something!

Sometimes I would like flyers from all the tanning salons in the city, which I can hold out to grumpy winter people when it starts again. "Go on, buy some vitamin D" I want to shout. "Grab ALDI travel catalogs and dream of the 5-star resort in Dubai, go to the sauna and warm yourself in. Just do something that reminds you that life is beautiful, PLEASE!"

Let us be heroes of winter

Luckily, they exist. Isolated, but after all: the heroes of winter. For example, Slim, the man from the kiosk at the station, who wishes so heart-warming a nice day, that even on Mondays no one spoils my mood. Or the announcement man in the ICE, who exuberantly points out the beauty of the rime-covered fields. The pensioner, who leaves me with two whining children at the cash register and distracts the two with a bit of bluff from the Ü eggs. As I love them, these people just ignore that it is gray and pathetic out there. They are good for the world because they are not gray and pathetic. So let's be all the heroes of Tristesse and the Vitamin D of City Souls! Let's smile and distribute solarium flyer, wish a beautiful winter day and sing the beauty of hoarfrost. Because soon it will be summer again. And ten minutes on the touss-toaster are enough to remember how the sun's rays feel on the skin.

Ein Münchner im Himmel (July 2020).