GNTM 2019: These candidates rave about their friends

From week to week the "Germany's next Topmodel" contestants have to master the challenging tasks that casting show boss Heidi Klum (45) sets for them. Moral support in their fight for the big dream of the catwalk is given to some participants by their friends. But who conquered the heart of Theresa, Justine and Co.?

Sayana and Prash

Sayana is happily forgiven. Her fiancé Prash is 11 years older and works as an actor and model. The 21-year-old with Indian roots had met him a year ago via Instagram. Since then Prash gives valuable tips along the way, as he writes in the program "red." "She was very shy in the beginning, was not self-confident, I could definitely give her that push." Sayana is very grateful for the support of her friend: "It's really a reason why I'm here."

The two even had to ignore their love for conventions. On the first day of casting Sayana revealed that it was unusual in her culture to have a relationship before marriage. "I was not allowed to have a life partner, but it happened that way." The couple already has the blessings of Sayana's parents. Should it not continue for the Dusseldorf at "GNTM", the model already has a plan B. With Prash she wants to start as a fitness couple - and celebrate the long-awaited wedding.

Justine and Frank

Justine met her boyfriend Frank in a rather unusual way for the first time, as she tells ProSieben. The trainee bank clerk spent the night with her cousin, while Frank, who was still unknown, visited his cousin. Justine and her current friend showed goodwill and accompanied the two relatives to church. The two kept eye contact over the pew, he wrote to them afterwards.

After a change of school, she had gained ten pounds and her friend had helped her, after a time of self-doubt, to believe in herself and to regain her joie de vivre, like the 20-year-old in "red." betrayed. They have been together for four years now. "We do not want to contract until we get married - and that may take a while."

Vanessa and Roman

At the age of 21, Vanessa worked as a full-time model before her "GNTM" participation. The beauty with Polish roots receives support from her fiancé novel, as she reveals in a ProSieben clip. The two got to know each other in a club - as Vanessa went on the offensive and antanzte her sweetheart. After two weeks, the couple has already contracted.

Julia and Marius

Her friend Marius met Julia five years ago. The "GNTM" candidate took the first step and sent her crush a friend request on Facebook. It took five months for them to meet for the first time. "I especially like that he is calm, he brings me down so nicely," she tells ProSieben.

On the first date, it then sparked the same. Meanwhile, they live together. How Julia imagines the future with her Marius? "To start a family in a classic way." And also on a possible application, the young model has already thought: "I do not want to public, because otherwise I would be embarrassed."

Theresia and Thomas

Theresia (26) has been with her boyfriend Thomas for four years. "We got to know each other in a classic way on a website," says the blonde in the ProSieben interview. He then took the first step. After two weeks talking on the phone for hours, the first meeting took place in Hamburg. The fact that her boyfriend is 27 years older, does not matter to Theresia: "I just think that love knows no age and no sex, one falls in love with people." He finally encouraged them to participate in "GNTM".

But Theresa's family is less enthusiastic about the age difference between the two. "I wish my parents accept my fiancee." Her family knew for some time that she was older. "This is not just a phase," says Theresia. Only her grandfather is convinced of the man by her side. "That my great role model immediately saw the good in Thomas has strengthened me over the years."

Alicija-Laureen has a separation behind her

Alicija-Laureen's "GNTM" focuses entirely on her modeling dream. In the first introductory video, the 18-year-old tells her she's having a hard time: "A few weeks ago I had a low low, and I have not been with my boyfriend for about two to three months." Having started a police training in a more remote location, the relationship did not work, Alicija-Laureen said.The student has not lost her optimism: "After every storm in life comes again sunshine."

These eliminated candidates have famous friends

Two of the eliminated candidates are also happily forgiven - and the chosen men are familiar faces.

Enisa Bukvic's heart beats for Simon Desue (27). The social media star is one of the most successful German creators with 3.9 million followers. Ex-candidate Catharina Maranca (19) has fished football player Felix Götze (21), the younger brother of Mario Götze (26). She had to leave the model show in the fourth episode. Heidi Klum was exceptionally not responsible for Enisa Bukvic's demise at "GNTM": in the seventh episode she decided to leave the show voluntarily due to private affairs.

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