GNTM 2019: That happened in the shocking fight

In the run-up to the current episode of "Germany's Next Top Model" (Thursdays, 8:15 pm, ProSieben), the rumor mill seethed: was there a tangible confrontation and will it be on TV? Anyway, Heidi Klum (45) says, slightly stunned, into the camera: "That has not happened in 14 years 'Germany's next Topmodel' yet". The spontaneous visit of top model Gisele Bundchen (38) and the nude shoot with star photographer Rankin (53) are almost lost in the whole drama.

Visit by Gisele Bündchen

The episode begins harmoniously when Heidi Klum surprisingly visits the girls in the villa. When her model colleague Gisele Bundchen passes by, too, the enthusiasm is huge. The Brazilian gives tips to the model aspirants and everyone is blown away by the 38-year-old. A short flying visit, which leaves an impression. But the first drama opens shortly thereafter.

Enisa has enough

Candidate Enisa (24) leaves the show completely unexpectedly. There are no concrete reasons for her. "This is very private for me," she says only. She had to clarify a few things. Tears are flowing and it's hard for her to say goodbye. "I'm really sorry, I had a really good time here," she says before she leaves. It does not remain the only departure in the broadcast.

The nude shoot remains harmless

In each season, there is usually drama at the infamous nude shoot. But that will almost be out this year. Whether it is the presence of star photographer Rankin? The girls of Heidi Klum want to please the British. As reinforcement they get fluffy dog ​​puppies. Only a few can convince the 53-year-old, however. In the end, Alicija (18) even gets a job with Rankin in London - for bicycle safety. The shooting takes place with helmet, not very sexy, but important.

Dispute between Lena and Jasmine escalates

When the decision is pending, the nerves in the candidates seem to be blank. Rankin, who as guest juror with Heidi Klum decides the decision, does not withhold his criticism. Klum also sometimes finds clear words for her model aspirants. Lena (17) wobbles this time and worries about remaining on the show. Jasmine (18) is also in tears. It develops in the backstage area a dispute between the two, out of a seemingly harmless question. The situation keeps rocking up.

"Listen to me, before you make me really stupid," says Lena. Jasmin, on the other hand, thinks: "She is 17, she should just grow up". Lena also makes her a clear statement: "Now behave yourself like an 18-year-old girl". Suddenly you see shocked faces, it's screaming and the screen goes black. ProSieben does not shed the actual incident.

Heidi Klum is brought to it, she asks quite stunned in the round: "You beat yourself?" Lena answers with a tear-stained face: "She hit me". Klum takes the 17-year-old comforting in the arm. Then she goes to Jasmine. She says about the incident: "I did not want to beat any of them, but they can not insult me." Heidi Klum stays tough. "I have to send you home now," she explains Jasmin. She could not leave her to the other girls. It also makes clear that punches are not flogged: "There are rules in a society".

No one flies out, Wackel candidate Lena also stays. At the end, Jasmin says she hopes to be able to explain and apologize again.

The next episode could become less dramatic. For in the preview you can see how Heidi Klum presents the candidates with their engagement ring by Tom Kaulitz (29). But it should be screeched again.

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