Get rid of garlic smell: The best tips

We just do not want to give up garlic! Because special sulfur compounds in garlic have a positive effect on our health. Especially the Sulfur compound "allicin", However, this also ensures the strong smell of the tuber. In order to be able to enjoy the Wunderknoll without odor nuisance, we have useful tips for you:

Get rid of the smell of hands

Already with the garlic peeling the strong smell transfers to our fingers. When cutting it's just getting more intense. With these home remedies you simply neutralize the odor of the tuber:

  • Salt:After cutting the garlic, take salt in your hands and rub it between your palms. This is to remove the bacteria responsible for the smell.A little hint: If you have dry hands, you can do the salt a bit olive oil Add ? and leave the mixture to work for about three minutes. The whole thing not only makes the garlic smell disappear, but also makes the hands buttery and soft.
  • soda: We just do not want to give up garlic - we do not have to! Soda is a true all-rounder and is very suitable for neutralizing the strong odor. Rub the soda in your hands and then rinse thoroughly with water.
  • Vinegar: The combination of lukewarm water and vinegar makes the smell of garlic disappear, but not everyone can suffer from the vinegar smell. (Maybe you would prefer soda, that's more neutral.

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