Gerhard Delling: The sports presenter wants to stop after more than 30 years

Gerhard Delling (59) is one of the long-serving moderators at ARD. Since 1987, the 59-year-old presented the sports show. But now Delling apparently throws the towel. After the current Bundesliga season should be over, reports the "Bild" newspaper.

Accordingly, Delling has terminated its contract with the ARD to May 2019. "After many years I want to get to know new things, I want to try things out, I still want to learn a lot," Delling explains to the "Bild". He also has a plan for the future: "Digital content appeals to me, I think about the development of a football app and I want to write a book - maybe even a novel," says Delling.

Delling became known mainly through his football analysis with Günter Netzer (74). From 1998 to 2010, the team analyzed the games of the German national team. The two received, among other things, the Adolf Grimme Prize.

Jacy and Jucker (June 2021).

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