Game of Thrones: So many people have seen the finale

The "Game of Thrones" -makers are allowed to pat themselves on the shoulders: Despite all criticism of the last season, the final episode has once again broken all records. For example, the series finale Sunday night saw 13.6 million viewers watching the US premiere. Add to that the repeated streamings of many users to the number even rises to 19.3 million, as "The Hollywood Reporter" reports.

With the new numbers, the series has far surpassed their previous season. If you put all the numbers together - broadcasting, streaming, DVR (digital video recorder), on-demand & repetition - 44.2 million people would have seen the eighth season, which is ten million more than in the seventh season.

This is not only a record in the history of "Game of Thrones" - but also in the entire history of HBO. Before the fantasy series, the series finale of the "Sopranos" 2007 held the record with 11.9 million viewers.

Game Of Throne Finale Breaks HBO All-Time Ratings Record (March 2023).

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