Game of Thrones: Does an old prophecy come to an end?

The end is here. The current "Game of Thrones" episode "The Bells" has ushered in Dragonfire and Steel's End Times for Daenerys (Emilia Clarke, 32), Jon Snow (Kit Harrington, 32) and Co. What does the serial apocalypse still hold for the anti-heroes of Westeros? Small spoiler warning in advance: If you have not seen episode five of the final season of "Game of Thrones", you should stop reading here.

To put it once: Compared to what "GoT" fans have experienced on Monday, the largely announced Battle of Winterfell stinked off tremendously. Not so much because, as expected, the bloody assault on Königsmund did not take place on a dark night. Rather, because what was shown in detail on the screen thanks to daylight went to the limits of what was bearable.

For the majority of the 80 minutes of the episode, fans were allowed to watch Daenerys being denied nephews' love, the Dragon of the Dragon celebrating Dragon Drogon's merry pirate barbeque, melting the Golden Company, and then, at the moment the bells of the city ring to surrender, completely falling prey to the Targaryen delusion.

Without further ado, she interprets the ringing of bells as the start of a bloodbath that makes even the Night King look like a little boy someone sent away to play with his plastic soldier. For what felt like an eternity, Daenarys mercilessly burned down the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, making no distinction between defenders and civilians.

Their Dothraki Riders and Immaculate Infantry do the same to the now insane Queen, dragging murderously, pillaging and raping through the ruins. Everything passes in this fiery slaughter. Aryas (Maisie Williams, 22) Vengeance, Seafire Camp, The Clegane Brothers, The Lennister Siblings. The only question left is: how is it coming to an end?

A new order

If the series remains true to itself and the character, then the dragon mother in the finale as announced, break the wheel and destroy the Iron Throne, to put an end once and for all to the struggle for dominion. It would be the end of her journey, which she once started in Essos. The trailer for the final episode features a troop parade of Daenery's army. Presumably it is the moment when the Storm Queen announces her victory and the beginning of her new order.

Who can stop the queen on the ash pile at the moment of her triumph? The trailer shows Arya watching Daenerys' alleged victory celebration and giving her a long look - she might be the one to kill Daenerys or at least try. Arya definitely has the skills to win the title King Murderer.

Bittersweet finish

That would not necessarily be the bittersweet ending that "Game of Thrones" author George R. R. Martin (70) prophesied to fans. More likely, therefore, is that Jon Schnee strikes Daenerys. He loves the queen so much that he does not want to see his aunt coat Westeros with a regiment of terror, and so kills her.

At the same time a prophecy from the House of the Immortals would come true. In the finale of season two, it showed Daenerys walking through a ruined throne room while ashes fall from the sky. Instead of ascending the throne, the Dragon Mother walks through a gate, out into a blizzard, where she enters a Dothraki tent. In it Khal Drogo (Jason Momoa, 39) waits with her son. Is this the moment when the family is reunited in the hereafter? This end would have truly earned the title "bittersweet".

What happens to Jon Snow?

Whether Jon Snow, however, in turn then rises to the ruler of the Seven Kinglands, is questionable. The true heir to the throne has repeatedly stated that he does not want it. He could offer it to Tyrion (Peter Dinklage, 49), provided that he even survives his betrayal of Daenary's in the last episode.

After all, episode three of the final season hinted at a tender resurgence of the relationship between Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner, 23) and Tyrion. So she could agree with a Lennister king - if she herself remains Queen of the North. Maybe that was what Sansa had in mind when she introduced Tyrion to Jon Snow's secret, knowing that he would not keep that information to himself for long.

What further fate awaits the king, who wants to be nobody, remains to be seen. He does not appear in the trailer at all. Recently, fans of the series saw him retreating with his remaining soldiers.But there will not be another battle, this time between Starks and Targaryens. But the north no longer has the capacity - and no kite.

Fire melts ice

Still, Sansa will not bow to a tyrant of Daenerys. So, if they do not die from either Arya or Jons, then the finale will probably mean that the Stark family gets to know the fiery breath of Drogon: fire melts ice.

After all the fear for the most popular clan of Westeros, such an end would be bittersweet. Once adored by the fans, Daenerys, as an insanely tragic queen, teaches her people to fear, while the Starks do not leave enough to fill even a single urn in Winterfell's crypt.

The series finale of "Game of Thrones" presents Sky on May 20 parallel to the US broadcast (about 3 o'clock in the night from Sunday to Monday) on Sky Atlantic HD and on Mondays at 20:15 on Sky Atlantic HD and on demand ,

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