From the office to the piste - in no time at all Partyfein

You should pack that in the morning

You are invited in the evening and you know that you can not make it home before to have a party-rich makeover? It does not matter, because with our professional tips, you'll be pretty quick in the office. This belongs in your beauty case, which you conjure up after work:

Concealer - powder or blotting paper - favorite eyeshadow - lipliner and lipstick - hair brush or Toupier comb - dry shampoo - possibly nail polish

Step 1: The way to a flawless complexion

There is no time to make-up and re-priming. Fast complexion freshening is needed. For this you can grab the concealer (which also takes up less space in the beautycase than the foundation). The good thing: Concealer can also be applied over the existing make-up? many make-up artists even swear by the order: first foundation, then powder, then concealer. Advantage: He covers well and cheats away skin redness.

If you have oily skin or work up a sweat at work, put your powder box in or grab a matting blotting paper.

Step 2: Pimp eye make-up

If you've applied mascara in the morning, that's usually enough. As a shower could even be counterproductive and fly legs have the consequence. Better: you wear a glamorous eyeshadow? who likes, with glitter particles or in strong colors. When applying, it is best to keep a handkerchief under the eye so that the paint does not crumble.

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