• July 12, 2020

From perfect because now Charlotte Würdig shows her true after-baby body

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Dear girls !!! It is TOTAL to have normal skin !! Also a lot of skin! Especially after pregnancy or weight loss. The magic word patience and love. These are both times my stomach - left standing / right sitting - both times perfect in their way and both times as I love to see them in the mirror! There is nothing more beautiful than an ex-pregnant belly. The skin surplus tells a story of a tremendous achievement, a token of the miracle your body has accomplished! Of course, the skin will retreat, of course, everything will be (almost) the same as before and until then: do what is good for you and how you feel well! Be proud of yourself and your journey !! That's what counts - nothing else! BTW: on my HP is even more on this topic, more photos, more facts just my experience

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