"From 13 clock are only zombies on the way" - A hymn to the good old afternoon nap

Today, I really can not understand why, at the tender age of two, I just decided to stop punching my ear at lunchtime as the world continues to bustle. Incredible! Who gives up this luxury voluntarily? Well, then you have decided so much, which would regulate today a tiny little bit different. But still, that went too far! Luckily, I know better today and try hard to bring that luxury back into my life. Incidentally, scientists agree with me (and scientists are right, it's official): The afternoon nap is not only beautiful, it's proven to boost my performance, improve my blood levels and protect me from depression. However, you are all the more vulnerable, if you want, but not allowed.

I would love to be Italian

With German office hours, the nap after lunch is at least semigut compatible. Copiers are not really comfortable and keyboards beep after pressing the same letter about 20 times with the tip of your nose. Also, the matter is sometimes not so good at the hard-working colleagues. For many of our European neighbors, the afternoon nap is completely socially acceptable. Italy, for example: You work until noon and then you take a break for two or three hours. Some lie down at the beach after a small lunch, others in their own bed. Sounds like paradise? I agree! Even if it is geographically not the case - in this point, Italy feels very, very far away. And the system also has a small catch: Try to get something in the supermarket for lunch in an Italian village. You feel like a time traveler in a ghost town. No one on the road and no waking cashier there is nothing to buy.

Also, on the weekend everything is somehow not what it used to be

Do you still know these small signs on residential buildings, on which "lunch rest please note" stood? You can not see them anymore because the midday rest was actually abolished! Just like that, bang, you all stay awake now, the jackhammer is allowed to do what he wants and the neighbor will ring - whether you like it or not. The result: In Germany from 13 o'clock a lot of zombies are on the way. Empty, tired cases with half-blazing brain power. You can really recover from this midday low only in the evening. It could be so easy: simply lie down for a moment, close your eyes, relax your muscles and refuel your thoughts on the beach of Rimini.

The nap will die out

If we do not finally get up together (to be able to lie down again at noon), the nap will soon be dying out. Even the little ones are trimmed on zombie. Of course, in most all-day schools there is no rest between lunch and homework. Even in kindergartens, 3 is usually over. If you fall asleep over your spaghetti plate, you will be woken up again. Why? Because parents do not feel like their children are up to 10 pm. And why do not you want that? Because they are zombies since 13 o'clock and did not have a quiet minute all day long. Mind you? We are spinning in a circle.

Napping is naturally inherent in us

We're reluctant to hear it - but in fact, humans are kind of like animals. And when I think about animals at lunchtime, I see dozing lions, curling cats, curled up dogs and hanging sloths in front of me. Well, the latter do not count, they always hang. But even in man, the need for a siesta is biological. This has been found out in so-called bunker experiments. Several people live in bunkers for several days during such experiments? completely isolated from the outside world and without clocks or daylight. They have tasks to do, but should pay attention to their needs. So you gain insights to the internal clock. You will suspect that these people have all gone down for lunch.

I want to sleep - not in the bunker!

What do we learn from this? We Germans have in some ways really a bang! Out of sheer efficiency and meaningfulness do we have? at least when it comes to sleeping? really lost the grip. I hereby plead for a Hospitanz of all Germans in Italy with the continuing education focus afternoon nap. That would be a sensible way to spend our taxpayers' money. God, we would all be recovering, if we were looking for something from the Italians. So recovered we would have invented such beautiful things as pizza and ice cream, then that's no art. And please do not come to me with German inventions like beer or light bulbs. I know myself that my reasoning is completely gaga? After all, I did not have a nap! Grrr!

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