Friedrich Liechtenstein: Filmfest Opening: That's why he has golden fingernails

Musician and advertising icon Friedrich Liechtenstein (62, "Supergeil") had come up with a special stylish twist for the opening event of the Munich Filmfest on Thursday evening at the Mathäser Filmpalast: he surprised with golden fingernails!

He explained why he chose this color on the red carpet as follows: "Everything looks much better when I reach for it, and it's also great with beer when you're sitting in the sun. " And how did he come up with this unusual idea? Quite simply: "That's what my youngest daughter recommended and I think it's great."

The subject of nail polish occupied Friedrich Liechtenstein but not only since the preparations for the current film festival. Rather, he even developed his own nail polish theory: "I've often wondered why women do it [pointing to red nail polish] One of my wild theories was that they wanted to signal that they had just broken up with the game and with their fingernails were in the blood, so that the men can be happy that there is something to eat, "says the artist.

"But I think they make it easy, because it looks better," said the optimistic Liechtenstein then purified.

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