• March 20, 2023

Fear for the inheritance? Ivanka Trump wanted to "get rid" of sister Tiffany

When it comes to money, many people stop having fun. Even if it still comes to a fortune of about three billion US dollars, all the more. So much should US President Donald Trump, according to 'Forbes' anyway on the high edge and thus have to inherit.

One would think that later enough money for all kids is left. Nevertheless, his three eldest offspring Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric were said to be anything but thrilled when their father, with wife number two and three, put more offspring into the world. That at least now comes out of a twelve-year-old recording of an interview.

Ivanka Trump wanted to "get rid" of sister Tiffany!

There radio host Howard Stern led the today 71-year-old Trump to the tooth. The 'Gala' quotes from it: "Did your children get nervous every time you had another child?" Trump responded with a small anecdote: "I have a friend who is also a very rich guy, and he talks about how his kids hate the new kids, and I say, 'Yeah, because every time you do another Child, it's 20 percent less for the others. '"

Howard Stern did not let up and wanted to know if, for example, Ivanka had tried to "get rid" of one of her younger siblings. "Tiffany? Oh yes!" The now 35-year-old Ivanka, along with her two-year-older brother Donald Jr. long acted against the new sister. What was really going on between the siblings back then, Trump was silent about.

Sauberfrau Ivanka Trump: Does the facade crumble?

An overly sympathetic light does not throw that on Ivanka Trump, who now basks as the closest confidant of her father in the international political spotlight. However, since she is now married to the wealthy entrepreneur Jared Kushner and also has considerable assets of her own, the jealousies of the past may well be a thing of the past.

Tiffany Trump: Always a difficult relationship with the siblings

The fact that it was not always easy for the 23-year-old Tiffany Trump with her older siblings, however, is an open secret. After all, her mother Marla Maples should have been the reason for the marriage-off of Donald and Ivana Trump (mother of Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric).

Whether the sibling feud still persists is questionable. In any case, the patchwork family Trump presents itself to the outside as a strong unit.

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