Fate-Love: You are born next to each other? 25 years later, the unbelievable ...

Once upon a time, there was a very pregnant woman, Janine, lying in hospital waiting for her baby. She did not get a single room anymore and had to share her with another pregnant, Keryn.

Since babies are not born at the push of a button, they lay side by side, waiting for their contractions, and were bored. So they started to talk. They chatted and laughed, getting along well right away so that their pre-natal excitement faded on that spring day.

1989: Double baby luck in the local newspaper

Keryn was the first of the two to give birth on April 14, 1989. Jemma should be called her daughter? and Keryn's roommate was one of the first people to hold the girl in her arms.

Janine had to wait a few hours longer until she was finally ready and she gave birth to her son Daniel on April 15th. Keryn and Janine could hardly believe their luck, photographed the two babies side by side and even gave birth announcement in the local newspaper with this double baby photo.

Posted by Herald Sun on Tuesday, December 4, 2018

The two mothers became friends, the two children became playmates. For years they romped together, grew close together, were inseparable. Only at the age of 8 did the paths of the mothers separate? and thus also their children.

Years passed and when the children were about 24 years old, in 2013, their paths should cross again.

2013: Fateful reunion

Jemma looked at a hairstyle page on Instagram and discovered that she was run by Daniel's sister. She remembered her old kindergarten friend and decided to find him on Facebook. Once discovered, they began to write. And when Jemma had her hair dyed by Daniel's sister, Daniel and she met again for the first time in the barbershop.

Also present at the barber was Daniel's mother Janine, who insisted on taking a picture of the two. A short time later they became a couple? inseparable as in their childhood days. Then everything went in quick succession: in 2016, Daniel stopped by Jemma's hand, in April 2017, they got married.

2016 Engagement, 2017 Wedding, 2018 Baby

And now, in 2018, it comes, as it had to come: Jemma is pregnant, expecting her first baby together. Maybe she'll give birth in the same hospital by having her and Daniel born. And maybe, just maybe, she will have a nice roommate who also expects a baby and with whom she makes years of friendship ...

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