Fast festive hairstyle: The loop in the hair is back!

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Sanding in the hair - the cool hairstyle trend for the holidays

Whether on Chanel on the catwalk or with various cool bloggers - the loop is now conquering the hair and looks adorable! And is also adults. All we have to do is follow a few tips that will give the loop a small but nice upgrade:

Tip 1: A slight wave in the hair brings laxity!

If the hair is styled smooth, then a loop in the hair for extra rigor. We do not want that! Therefore, we prefer to give the hair a slight wave. Casual beach waves with a curling iron or flat iron screwed in ensure a portion of nonchalance.

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Tip 2: Do not be too perfectionist

The look will be cooler if the loop is not accurately attached to the hair, but one, two strands hang out left or right or the loop is a bit crooked in the hair. Takes us in the morning in the bathroom the pressure, if it should not work properly again.

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Tip 3: Just make it yourself!

Cool and elaborate loops cost something. If you just want to try the trend, then just make yourself a loop yourself. Ask in a perfume shop for a beautiful cotton gift ribbon from a high quality label like Chanel, Dior or Hermès and cut the bow to the desired length. By the way, the DIY loops look especially cool to a Half Bun! So you will certainly not have to think of the good schoolgirl look à la Blair Waldorf!

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Quick and Easy Loop Hairstyle Perfect for School | Quick Hairstyles | Braidsandstyles12 (October 2020).

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