Fashion Hack: So you go against lint

Especially in the winter with cuddly clothes, they often and gladly: Lint. They seem to magically collect on pullovers, scarves or jackets. Can lint even be prevented and how do we get rid of it quickly when we are on the move?

How can lint be prevented right from the start?

The ugly fluff is particularly visible when the colors of the garments are opposite, for example, in a black-padded jacket on a white pullover or a black pullover with a light scarf. The first measure would be to adjust the color of the clothes, so that the lint does not attract attention. If that does not work, you should grab a lint before wearing and roll off the lint-free textile, so that the first loose tissue remnants are already released.

How do we lint off when they are already there?

We wear the new jacket over the white sweater? At the latest when depositing this we then see the catastrophe: lint everywhere on the bright tissue. If you're on the road, you should get yourself a lazy roll to take away. These are also available in miniature size, so it fits easily in any handbag. If you do not have one at hand, take a slightly moistened towel and sweep it over the fabric to pick up the lint. This is not quite as easy as with the adhesive role, but is a good alternative.

If there is no lint roller at hand ...

If you do not have a lint role on hand, grab a plastic bag like you can get in the grocery store. Place the fuzzy garment in the bag and provide plenty of movement and friction with your hands. As a result, the garment is electrically charged and the unsightly lint stick to the bag.

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