Farmer Uwe: So it goes to the "Bauer sucht Frau" star after the dental surgery

"Farmer Seeks a Wife" candidate Uwe Abel (48) has recently nervously reported in an Instagram video that he is facing a massive intervention involving "pulling over a dozen teeth." In the end it was 15 pieces under general anesthesia, as reported by the "Bild" newspaper. The sheet Bauer Uwe has also immediately given a first update to his initially provisional biter, to which he has yet to get used.

"The speech is still a bit unusual with the temporary prosthesis," says the 48-year-old pig farmer. "Now I have teeth in my mouth again, but at first only teeth made of plastic, until everything is gone, my laugh looks a lot better." He was "after 15 years felt" back to the dentist, after he simply could not stand the strong pain. But he could not save any of his teeth.

According to wife Iris, "a wild smooch" is not yet possible because "everything is still a bit swollen". That could be made up at the earliest in four weeks. The elaborate "dining room renovation" was not a bargain, she also hinted in a funny way: "Looks like, we'll probably have to participate again in a TV show. Maybe Uwe should just 2020 in the jungle camp." Only this year, the two could win the "summer house of the stars" and take 50,000 euros in prize money at home.

Über Geld sprechen ist einfach - Börse (July 2020).

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