Farmer is looking for a wife: not just a farmer causes a sensation to the season opener

Barn Fest XXL! At the beginning of the 14th season of the dome show "Bauer sucht Frau" (Monday, 8:15 pm, RTL), more women were invited than ever before. For the 12 new, love-hungry farmers 32 women arrived. The ladies and gentlemen eyed each other with critical eyes! Zickenkrieg did not last. In addition, feelings were hurt, tears flowed and some candidates changed the farmers. Presenter Inka Bause (49) had a lot to do.

Outrage to Luxembourg Guy

Number one excitement in the first episode: The Guy (45) from Luxembourg leaves his choice open in front of the big barn party. At the party he does not pay tribute to his three ladies. His candidates confront him indignantly. Greetings Guy confesses that his choice fell on someone else. He takes Kathrin to the farm week, which actually wanted to farmer Claus. Such games have nothing to do with a gentleman, he gets to hear from his three ladies. "I do not accept his apology, I feel fooled by him," one of the women railed. "Guy is an idiot," notes another disappointed.

Farmer Niels turns around

Not only Guy makes a surprising decision! "He could try a little bit more," Isabelle complains about Bauer Niels (30). The flirting at the party unabashedly with another candidate - and it follows indeed the great disappointment for Isabelle! "I think this with the two of us, it will not work, I think we are too different ... I've fallen for someone else," admits Niels. He takes the 20-year-old Laura-Martina with herself, who had actually applied for young farmer Matthias (23). "I feel like 'The Bachelor', just without Rose," she laughs.

Sweaty hands

With so much excitement you could easily miss the sparks that flew. Young farmer Matthias (23) raves about his chosen one, the tennis player Tayisiya: "Just as you look at me!"

Cattle breeder Christian (56) chooses Danielle "Dani". "I have sweaty hands, I like you very much," he confesses. When he announces his decision, Inka Bause laughingly asks, "Why Dani, because she has the same hair as me?" No, the sticky hands were the deciding factor. "Sticking together towards happiness", wishes the presenter.

Farmer Andreas (67) from beautiful Canada takes Angelika and Irmgard with him. He is very afraid of another disappointment, which is why his choice falls on two women who have no children. Because his past heart ladies had left him, since they had children in Europe and wanted to go back. Also farmer Jörn (38) from Namibia takes two candidates: Ilona and Oliwia.

One is empty

Shepherd Dirk (40) takes Deborah with him because he can talk to her best. Bernhard (53), who has a fattening pig operation, chooses Annett for a special reason: "That's just a bit of contraindication". Organic farmer Marco (35) makes Laura with his choice "just happy". "I hope you tackle as you say," says the 35-year-old. A counter-candidate remains skeptical and zickt: "I do not think it works".

Thoroughbred farmer Stephan (40) from Bavaria decides for Steffi: "It has sparked more," he explains. No wonder, he can not even remember the name of his other candidate! Pig farmer Claus (47), however, is sure: "That just clicked on Heike and me".

But only eleven peasants receive ladies' visits to their farms. Leopold (48), who lives in Upper Austria, drives back alone. The gut feeling just did not vote.

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