Falafel with vegetable dip

Make falafel yourself: That's how it works

Falafel: Oriental chickpea balls

The recipe classic from the Arabic cuisine probably comes from Egypt and became popular from there, especially in the Near and Middle East.

Falafel are going out pureed chickpeas, Leeks, onions and garlic. But instead of chickpeas you can also use broad beans. Parsley and coriander are added for extra flavor. Seasoned the recipe classic with pepper, salt and cumin. Depending on your preference you can add more spices. Usually chickpeas or broad beans are soaked overnight. Traditionally, the mass is then rotated by the meat grinder, of course, but can also use a blender.

The Chickpea spice mixture should be well mixed. Then the falafel are shaped and fried. It is important to use enough fat in the pot or in the fryer, because only then is the chickpea mixture really nice and crispy. The perfect falafel is fried golden brown, Biting off the crunchy outside reveals a soft core with delicious taste.

Falafel ? vegan, yummy, simple!

If you live vegan or vegetarian, you will love falafel: instead of meat you can use it very well in pita and flatbread and also taste delicious as a side dish to salads. Falafel completes vegetarian dishes so perfectly and form in many recipes a basis for snacks and snacks.

To the Falafel is Hummus or sesame sauce, which is also known as Tahina, is enough. This harmonizes excellently and tastes great. Of course, other dips fit in well too - it's best to try out what's tasty! One thing is certain: The vegetarian delicacy will inspire you!

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Falafel With a yoghurt Dip. (March 2023).

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