Errors for sun protection: So you can tan healthy

Sun ensures a beautiful complexion, good mood and sometimes for sunburn. If you're not careful, you often end up with red skin and a sunstroke at the end of the day. Although sunscreen has become more and more important in recent years, there are still a lot of mistakes around the hot topic.

Clothes yes, but please the right one!

Especially people with a light skin type usually get goose bumps when thinking about the hot summer sun. It's best to keep the clothes on, because what could better protect you from the sun than a layer of fabric? This idea is not quite correct, but not completely wrong.

It depends on the condition of the fabrics. The more close the fabric, the higher the protection from the sun. It is even better if the fabric is dark in color. For example, black absorbs more than 90 percent of UV radiation, while around 40 percent knows how to let UV light through. For those who want to be on the safe side, it's best to buy UV-protected clothing.

Because of less is more

Even the toughest "beach lizard" has to go into the water at some point. Since it is handy if you have used waterproof sunscreen, right? Again a half-truth, because although many manufacturers advertise with "waterproof" sunscreen, the protection after contact with water can be reduced by up to 50 percent. To the annoying creaming so you can not get around even after the bath in the cool water.

Speaking of creaming: Brown is also a high sun protection factor. Many who like to return crispy brown from vacation, resort to a cream with low SPF. This is often at the expense of health, which does not have to be. A high SPF does not prevent the holiday tan, but even makes it last longer. One more reason to grab the tube with SPF 30!

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