Eight of the coins? your tarot card

"Eight of the coins": What does this card mean?

Short and sweet
Perseverance, diligence, zeal, conscientiousness, self-discipline, enjoyment of work

Stay on the ball, now your work will be completed soon!

"Eight of the coins": What does the tarot card show?

On the tarot card you can see a craftsman in rustic clothes sitting on a bench under a tree. He is a blacksmith, or rather a goldsmith, because he works with a hammer and a chisel to decorate a golden disc. It is a five-pointed star, a pentagram or pentacle, which he patiently scratches into the metal. So here is the coin that is the leitmotif of a whole series of colors in the Tarot. The man does a tremendously important job in the world of cards!

With such devotion and concentration he looks at his work piece and proudly he has hung up five already completed coins, visible from the trunk of the tree. Another coin leans against the bank, and one last lies underneath; but these two have done as well as the others, they just did not fit anymore to the "exhibition tree".

Now the goldsmith's work is almost completed. But he also devotes himself to the last hammer blows with an almost meditative calm and concentration. He is in no hurry to leave work and return to the city in the background, from which he has withdrawn to work undisturbed. No, he really can not use distraction.

No matter how much effort and patience it actually costs him: The goldsmith loves his work, it is fun, it is the epitome of his creative self-realization and like a nice game for him. He has found his dream job! And you maybe, too, if you pulled this card under a professional question.

As a day ticket: If the Tarot picture "Eight of the coins" stands for you

Whether at work or in a hobby project: You are doing really great work today! Just keep going the way you started, stay up to the last with the same love, joy and thoroughness on the ball. It's quite possible that the quilt blanket you've been working on for two years will finally finish today and look even better expected, or the cardigan with the complicated instructions or the refurbishment of your apartment, or, or, or? Soon you have created something very beautiful and you can justifiably be proud of yourself!

As a Love Red: If the tarot card "Eight of the Coins" stands for your partner or your relationship

Your partner is very serious with you. He wants to finally do "nails with heads", take a solid step with you; maybe even marry or get a child together. But he's still fiddling with it, as he wants to tell you; the application is still not fully formulated, the ring is not finished engraved. Do not get hectic now, do not bother him, otherwise things will go wrong in the final meters! Wait patiently until he comes to you.

"Eight of the coins": assignments of the card

In Tarot: Small Arcana, Number Cards

Further names of the card: VIII of the Pentacles / VIII of Pentacles (Rider-Waite-Tarot)? 8 discs, prudence / 8 of discs, Prudence (Aleister-Crowley-Tarot)

Element / Astrology: Earth? Sun in the maiden

Tarot Card Meanings: The 8 of pentacles (March 2023).

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