Ed Sheeran meets Prince Charles and kicks off

Oh, you can understand it: When do you ever meet a member of the Royal Family, so live and in the flesh? No wonder you get mixed up a bit - and do not realize what you're doing. Ed Sheeran at least blatantly violated the Royals protocol when he met with Prince Charles.

What to look out for at the Royal visit!

But you also have to feel a bit sorry for Ed Sheeran. After all, there are a lot of rules and laws in dealing with the royals - impossible to keep track of all! Here is just a short selection of the many faux pas that you can tread on - in this case put together before a royal visit to Canada:

  • Do not take selfies! Surprisingly, it is not just about being annoying - but above all about the gesture of not turning his back on the British nobility.
  • Not ducks! Even though William and Kate are very down-to-earth and close to the people, it is not desirable to address them as "William" or "Kate". As long as they do not drink with you brotherhood, you should stay with "Your Royal Highness".
  • No personal questions! As sad as that is, any meeting with a Royal is literally a state act, and so every conversation has to be on a non-binding Smalltalk level. Even if you may be interested in whether Charles Diana sometimes still misses - such questions would be fatal! By the way, jokes are expressly undesirable. The British humor seems to have very clear limits at the royal house.
  • No bows! Despite all nobility, a friendly handshake is really okay and completely sufficient. If need be, men can only nod their heads politely, women put their right foot behind their left heels and kneel slightly.
  • No body contact: Beyond the handshake, no further contact may take place. No hug, no kisses on the cheek, no high-fives - all this is taboo at the Royal Family. No matter how dreamily you Prince Harry looks deep into your eyes - you must master yourself.

Embarrassing like Sheeran

And Ed Sheeran? He has indeed totally disregarded exactly one of these important rules. What exactly happened, you see in the video!

Ed Sheeran Presented With Royal Honor From Prince Charles At Buckingham Palace | Access Hollywood (March 2023).

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