Ed Sheeran: He puts a smile on the face of sick children

This visit will certainly not soon be forgotten by the patients of the Boston Children's Hospital. At the weekend, Ed Sheeran, 27, passed the Children's Hospital. The singer spent some time with the kids, answering questions, taking selfies, hugging patients and singing his hit "Perfect", as the clinic writes on Facebook. The hospital also posted nine photos of Sheeran smiling at the faces of children, parents, and servants.

He answered these questions

The kids asked the star, according to a report by the US magazine "People", among other things, what songs he has just on his playlist. They also wanted to know what his favorite movies were. Watch out: Ed Sheeran loves family movies and comedies. According to the singer, the film question with "Cool Runnings", "Finding Nemo" and "The Lion King" responded.

In addition, Sheeran explained that he does not dye his redhead and that he actually does not wear his glasses as a fashion statement. So the 27-year-old had passed his visual aid around so that those present could convince themselves of how bad the singer actually sees.

Ed Sheeran - Small Bump [Official Video] (March 2023).

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