Dump Trucks? Meaning and use

Dump Trucks: Meaning and Variants in Detail

While the tarot serves not only the oracle, but also self-knowledge, dumper cards are typical fortune-telling cards. They were developed by the fortune teller Ms. Susanne Kipper, known in Berlin and Munich in the 19th century, who drew on her relevant experience in dealing with Lenormand cards. Like its predecessor, there is a tipper card set of 36 cards on which people, buildings, situations from life, etc. can be seen as pictorial motifs. In 1890, this set and the instruction booklet were first available from the stationer and later publisher Matthias Seidlein in Munich. Although there are now more modern illustrated variants, enjoy the original tipper cards in the style of the early days but the greatest popularity.

What do the 36 dumper cards mean?

The dumper cards are numbered from 1 to 36 (No.) and like fortune telling cards each provided with a keyword from which their meaning often already results directly:

1 main character: Man, the questioner or the partner / dream man of the questioner

2 main person: Woman, the questioner or the partner / dream woman of the questioner

3 marriage card: Love, business relationships

4 meeting: Meeting, socializing, suggestion

5 Good Lord: benevolent older man, father or boss

6 Good lady: Benevolent older woman, mother, girlfriend

7 Pleasant letter: good news, financial improvement

8 wrong person: Dishonesty, trouble, envy, intrigue

9 A change: Change, new beginning

10 A journey: Change, movement

11 Win a lot of money: Revenue, also through work

12 Rich girl: Well-being, wife or child from a good family

13 Rich good Lord: Patrons, lovers, financial success

14 sad news: short-term grief

15 Good exit in love: strong love, strong bond in friendship

16 His thoughts: Plans of other people

Get 17 gift: Joie de vivre, profit, children

18 A little child: Child, egocentricity, naivety

19 One death: Break, new beginning

20 house: Security, stability, security

21 living rooms: Private, family

22 military person: Discipline, offices, authorities

23 court: a decision is made externally

24 theft: Loss, setback

25 To come to high honors: Recognition, success

26 Great luck: Enjoyment, gain

27 Unexpected Money: Offer, contract, agreement

28 expectation: Wait, patience

29 prison: Narrowing, despondency

30 court person: Advice, decision support

31 Short illness: Weakening, but early problem solving

32 grief and adversities: Difficulties, obstacles, worries

33 cloudy thoughts: Dejection, worries, unfavorable circumstances

34 work, employment: Willingness to become active

35 A long way: Time expenditure, long-term goals

36 The hope, big water: Persevere, break up, journey

Dumpster maps interpret seems thanks to these keywords and the simple, almost naive-looking pictures initially relatively easy to be. The only allegorical figure is Fortuna with the cornucopia on the map? Great luck ?, and that one? Good exit in love? illustrated by in love biting pigeons and a loyal dog, also lights up quickly.

What hidden behind the clothing of the figures depicted, their posture or the interiors that surround them, still hidden by secret clues, could certainly recognize the people of the early days of their cultural horizon more easily than we do today. But the key message of a dumpster ticket remains relatively obvious.

Kipper Card Meaning: How do I place the cards?

Pulled as a day ticket, give you Kipper cards a handy hint, what you should pay special attention today. You can also use them for a love oracle or for other revealing placement systems.

Mostly, however, the dumper cards are designed for card reading according to the classic laying method of the fortune tellers, the Grand Board. For this purpose, all 36 cards are completely designed and then interpreted starting from your position as the main character (card No. 2) according to certain rules of the game.

Seen in context, the individual cards grow far beyond their initially seemingly one-sided meaning, because the Kipperkarten combinations relativize and comment on each other. If, for example,? Big luck? near? grief and adversity? then the positive card largely removes the meaning of the negative.

Dump truck Meaning (April 2020).

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