Duchess Camilla has experienced the drama surrounding Meghan's family

May 19th was a perfect day. Prince Harry (33) and Duchess Meghan (36) gave the vow in an absolute dream ceremony. Suddenly, all the dark clouds had disappeared, for which Meghan's family, to a large extent, had provided all sorts of drama in the run-up to the wedding. Now Meghan's new mother-in-law, Duchess Camilla (70), spoke about the whole thing for the first time.

What a celebration!

"It was such a nice day, everything just worked out," Camilla said on visiting the headquarters of 5 News in London, according to the British "Daily Mail". "We all wondered what would happen next, but then everything went well." Apparently Camilla played on the apparent turbulent ups and downs before the wedding. Meghan's father Thomas Markle (73), among other things, caused a stir with photos, a heart surgery and his short-notice wedding cancellation.

But in the end everything went smoothly. "It's nice to have something that gives you a boost, not a depressing one, everything was just perfect, including the weather that could not have been better, it was a beautiful day," Camilla said. Even the private wedding party seems to have been an absolute hit. "The only thing is that we all lose our voice now," the Duchess knew how to joke.

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