Drum Roll: This man is trying to wash all by himself!

What irony: If the woman who left you sitting, voluntarily leaves the washing machine to you in the property separation. I can not understand. Not the separation, the device. This technical marvel, the magic cube, on which I turn, turn, turn, but it does not work with the colors. Okay, red clothes are not white. It's clear since I'm wearing pink shirts. Suits me. So bearable. When it comes to laundry, it's like life: is not everything black or white. Is also gray. And on which pile is the mottled sweater with the rainbow stripes coming? A mystery. Like the thing with the missing socks: Two go in, one comes out. They never disappear in pairs. Nobody can explain either.

Many programs, one impulse. Zapping, zapping, zapping: pumping out? Fling ? Mix fast ? Hot wash Coloureds ? Hygiene? Colorful eco ? Easy to clean? Wool ? Cotton? Jeans ? Shirts / blouse? Dark laundry? Outdoor ... Miss the point? Washing ?. And the manual. Joke.

Two piles: bright. And dark. Problem: the jeans. The black clothes now all together on? Dark wash ?? Or the black pants along with the white on? Nothing learned and half forgotten.

The inside of my head turned to the left, 90 degrees, spin. The brain: actually resilient and flexible. Excellent and structured. Organized and versed in using existing networks and establishing new ones. Open to new and ready to learn. But in the area where the laundry know-how is stored, the drum is empty for me, is there a vacuum like with a particle accelerator? the second most complicated machine in the world. Because she can not wash. Like me.

Choose the "idiot program". Is not so on the machine. Does my ex say "easy care to 30 degrees?". Come to 95 percent clear. Rest is wasting. Like the favorite sweater of my daughter who now wears her doll. Merino wool and cotton, there are really differences. As with detergents. And the temperature? 30, 40, 60, 90 degrees. Hear Voices:? Is everything on the label? Oh, look.

In the favorite shirt, under hieroglyphics, the jumbled circles and rectangles, there really is something. The bright white wisdom: "Give it to your mother. She knows how to do it. I'll remember it.

Drumline (3/5) Movie CLIP - Drumline Duel (2002) HD (August 2020).