drooping eyelids

A sloppy idiot is when you can see the moving lid hardly or not at all - pure disposition thing and also a little gravity. So that the eyes do not look like swallowed, the moving eyelid must brightly emphasized become.

The Foam applicator brings the semi-solid Highlighter cream on the eyelid. Dab well and then with transparent powder or a bright eye shadow fix.

Now the eyelid is lifted with color: looking straight ahead and with the moistened Eyeshadow brush dark brown eyeshadow Drawing directly on the bone of the eye socket - from outside to inside. Professionals call this a "banana" paint. Then blur the line with the brush gently upwards to the brows. Finally, the eyelashes jet black.

White highlighter cream, still applied under the light eye shadow, makes the eyes radiate. The powder eyeshadows are best painted with the semicircular "Cat Tongue" brush.

For special effects, or if the slip is particularly pronounced and ends just above the eyelash edge, it means go to the whole: The entire eyelid with Foundation prime, some transparent powder matted. Then fill in the complete moving eyelid with black or dark brown. You can use eyeliners, but it is more economical powder Eye Shadowwhich is applied wet with a brush.

What causes a droopy eyelid? (March 2021).

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