Dorfrat ransacked a woman as a punishment for her father's crime

A Pakistani girl who recently died in the Mayo Hospital in Lahore has a terrible ordeal behind her. By order of the village council, the married young woman was said to have been raped and made pregnant. Because she was unable to face her husband, who was abroad at the time, she burned herself. According to the Pakistani news site,, she gave birth to the dead baby she was five months pregnant.

Not an isolated case: women are punished for the offenses of men

Also, the reason why the village council decided that the young woman should be raped: her own father is said to have sexually harassing a minor girl. The father of the harassed girl is said to have been given the right to rape the sexton's daughter.

After the young woman had lit herself because of her pregnancy, she came to the hospital seriously injured. Before she died, she gave birth to her dead child. After that, the baby's body disappeared from the hospital inexplicably.

Now the body of the baby is wanted

All involved men were then arrested. But the case took a new turn when all the suspects and other villagers stated that there was no Village Council decision and no rape. The police are currently searching for the dead baby to use a DNA test to determine if the rapist is the biological father of the child.

Human rights activist turns on

The lawyer and human rights activist Jacqueline Sultan spoke of a barbaric act. The government must hold the father and the village council to account, she told the Pakistan Christian Post. In addition, a law must finally be created that explains village councils illegal. This parallel justice periodically orders barbaric punishments for women to punish violations of their male family members.

Dorfrat (March 2023).

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