Does iced coffee have less caffeine than real coffee?

In the morning take a strong sip of coffee and the world looks much friendlier. Bang, awake? that always works! But how is it, if we can not even think of freshly brewed coffee on hot summer days without getting sweats? Is it just as effective to drink a glass of iced coffee or are we just kidding?

Iced coffee does not wake up like real coffee!

The fact is that in an iced coffee there is significantly less space for the actual coffee than in a normal cup of coffee. Why? Because we make cold coffee either with ice cream, cream, milk or with ice cubes? depending on whether it is an iced coffee or an ice brew, While iced coffee is usually made with milk and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, hot coffee is poured here on ice cubes in the glass. As soon as the ice cubes melt, they dilute the coffee even more.

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Nitro Coffee & Cold Brew vs. Regular Coffee | Caffeine Levels (Coffee Review) (June 2021).

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