Demi Lovato: She celebrates the wedding of her best friend

"I was bridesmaid for my sister yesterday, former babysitter and girlfriend for 23 years ... I love you Jenna Schubart, what a perfect wedding for a perfect couple !!"

New Sign of Life by Demi Lovato (26, "Tell Me You Love Me")! The singer released two selfies from her friend Jenna Schubart's wedding on her Instagram account. Top styled and beautiful she shows herself in a black outfit. Your fans are excited. "You look adorable, as always," writes a trailer. "You are so pretty," comments another person. The 26-year-old was not only allowed to celebrate, but was also a bridesmaid - an honor for Lovato, who seems to be getting better and better since the presumed overdose in the summer of 2018 and her hospital stay.

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