Dear jail as marriage! Pensioner hijacked bank

Lawrence John Ripple (70) had enough of his wife and did not want to live with her under one roof. But he could not conceive of his life in such a way without supply? who should cook, clean and tidy up for him in the future? A divorce was out of the question for him.

He waited for his arrest

So the pensioner resorted to an unorthodox measure to escape his unbearable married life: he attacked a bank and then waited for his arrest? hoping to be sentenced to prison.

One day he entered a branch of the Bank of Labor? in his hometown of Kansas City, and kept a note at the cashier's desk. He had written that he had a gun and demanded $ 3,000. The woman handed him the money.

But Ripple did not fled after his act, but sat down on a bench in the ticket hall. He told a security guard that he was the wanted man. He further explained that he had had a fight with a woman and that he no longer wanted to be in this situation. The security man grabbed the stolen money and called the police.

Breakout from the marriage prison

The police officers later told Ripple that he had written the note in the presence of his wife, and he had told her that he preferred to be in prison rather than to live with her any longer.

Let's hope that Ripple will not escape the rain - and one day, his "crime" will bitterly regret. Yesterday he was charged with bank robbery.


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