Daniel Küblböck: Just before Christmas, his father expresses himself one last time

Günther Küblböck takes the Christmas days as an opportunity to withdraw from the media public. An interview with "tz.de" will be his last for the time being, as he announces in the same.

"Above all, I would like to conclude the topic of the press now, before Christmas," explains Küblböck in an interview with the website. The drama about his son Daniel had moved all over Germany. According to the latest findings, the former "DSDS" participant left the cruise ship AIDALuna on the morning of 9 September. Days later, the search was abandoned in the icy Labrador Sea. Unfortunately, the family now has to accept what has happened, says Günther Küblböck to "tz.de". "It will certainly take time for all of us in the family to handle this tragedy."

As relatives, one would have no choice but to try to gradually regain normalcy, says the father. He also had to continue to take care of certain matters of Daniel. He has no great plans. "I'm just trying to get things done as best I can."

"It would not do me any good"

In the interview, he also stressed that he would not look at the existing surveillance video of the AIDALuna, which is the investigators of the case. The video is meant to show a person jumping into the water. But: "It would not do me any good, because the shots are very fuzzy, there is no exact person recognition," said Küblböck. Despite the hunt for his son, his father has a bit of hope. A dream you always have in mind. "But of course I'm also a realist, especially since I know what kind of mental state Daniel was at that time."

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