Cypress Hill: The hip-hop group receives a star on the "Walk of Fame"

They were immortalized on the "Walk of Fame" in Hollywood: The American hip-hop group Cypress Hill ("Black Sunday") rejoiced over the revelation of their star on Thursday. "This is something we never expected," said rapper Sen Dog, 53, according to the US Billboard magazine. "As young men, we walked these streets and saw all these stars," added B-Real (48), "seeing this is an honor."

The group consists of DJ Muggs (51), the rappers B-Real and Sen Dog as well as drummer Eric "Bobo" Correa (50). Cypress Hill is the first hip-hop group with Latin American roots whose albums have achieved multiple platinum status in the US - now they are also the first of its kind on the famous "Walk of Fame," comedian George Lopez (57 ) in his eulogy. "Cypress Hill is only once, the first Latino hip-hop group, but for all who live the American dream, it will not be the last Latino hip-hop group on the Hollywood Walk of Fame 'lands.'

Cypress Hill is The First Latino Hip Hop Group To Receive Star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame (December 2020).

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