• September 30, 2020

Crochet pillows: ideas and instructions

Cushion crochet: coziness for the apartment

Crocheted accessories bring a feel-good atmosphere into the home. And unlike purchased decoration, you can design and choose every detail and color yourself. Crocheting a pillow does not mean you have to stay with the classic shape. We have collected sweet ideas and guidance that will inspire you.

Crochet the pillow: you need it

For crocheting you only need yarn, a matching crochet hook, pillow stuffing and scissors. Depending on how you want to design your cushion cover, you may still need buttons.

You do not know what are fixed loops or chopsticks? If you've just started crocheting, that's no problem. Here are many basic concepts and techniques explained: Learn to Crochet.

Crochet pillows: ideas and instructions

Here are a few ideas for crocheting pillows, to the instructions you will get over the pins. And remember: these are all just inspirations, you can change everything or choose the colors you like! Whether simple or extraordinary, here you will certainly find a suitable idea.

Also a puristic look is doing well in the home living room:

You can also get a pillow squares get ready ? this can be in a shade of gray that matches too much in color, but may also be nice and colorful!

The Chevron Style is a real eye-catcher on a cushion cover:

If it may be a bit fancier, how about a sweet unicorn? Perfect as decoration or as gift for children.

We have more nice instructions for you? also for beginners? on our crochet page! For example, if you want to start crocheting, start by crocheting a cap. Advanced users can already devote themselves to larger projects, how about crocheting for the summer? a light summer poncho or a crochet blanket for the beach? Super practical and really stylish!

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Basic Crochet Pillow - the easiest ever! | Sewrella (September 2020).

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