Crime TV tips: "Wilsberg" is looking for a crash kid

20:15, ZDFneo, A strong team: La Paloma

Martin Kirchner, family man and loving husband, is found dead in the bathtub. Accident, suicide or murder - not an easy case for Otto (Florian Martens) and Verena (Maja Maranow). A first trail leads the two to the family of the dead man. The fact that Kirchner suffered from severe depression is allegedly new for the relatives. In addition, the shipping company, an old family business, is insolvent: Would not that be reason enough to kill itself?

20:15, ONE, Agatha Christie's Poirot: Noble fragrances

Poirot (David Suchet) meets at a garden exhibition of the old lady Amelia Barrowby. The two talk briefly and she gives him a seed bag. However, she does not mention that she wrote a letter to Poirot requesting his help. When he reads the letter later and wants to visit Amelia Barrowby (Margery Mason), she is already dead. He finds in the house only her niece Mary Delafontaine with her husband and the young Russian Katrina Reiger. Quick Poirot is on the trail of a crime, and the empty seed bag proves to be an important clue to the solution.

21:45 clock, ZDFneo, Wilsberg: Halbstark

Wilsberg (Leonard Lansink) is to detect the missing son of a school friend. He is astonished when he finds out that son Marc is not at all his rosy picture of his mother. 17-year-old Marc is an adrenalin junkie who also handles smaller drug deals. He is terrorizing his teachers and participating in illegal car races. When Wilsberg casts Marc's classmate at such a race, he makes a gruesome discovery. In a dilapidated farmhouse he comes across the corpse of a young man. It's Marc.

22:00, SWR / SR, scene: The red shadow

Marianne Heider allegedly died in a bathtub accident. Her ex-husband Christoph (Oliver Reinhard), however, believes that she was murdered by her current partner Wilhelm Jordan. Christoph Heider is caught as he abducts the corpse from the cemetery chapel to have him autopsied abroad. Thorsten Lannert (Richy Müller) and Sebastian Bootz (Felix Klare) find Heider's portrayal credible enough to investigate. They find that Wilhelm Jordan was employed in the 70s as a V-man for the constitution protection against the RAF.

22:05, MDR, scene: Wet things

At night in a Leipzig industrial area: On the street, the body of the used car dealer Jannis Kerides is found, which was thrown out of a moving car. For the main commissioners Eva Saalfeld (Simone Thomalla) and Andreas Keppler (Martin Wuttke) everything points to an argument among criminal car-shifters. When the commissioners want to take a close look at Kerides' workshop, Eva Saalfeld feels threatened by his German business partner Georg Hantschel (Uwe Preuss) and injures him with a shot.

A Day With Money Gang (April 2023).

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