Crime TV tips: "Wilsberg" identified among garbage men

20:15 clock, ZDF, Wilsberg: The needle in the garbage heap

Elena Warnetzki (Anne Kanis) lives in a small garden colony, fishes food from garbage containers and leads a life without television, computer, smartphone and above all: without money. Elena has a problem. Her ex-husband Thomas Warnetzki has disappeared. Wilsberg (Leonard Lansink) lets himself be asked to trade his services against hers. Elena's worst fears prove true. Thomas, a garbage maker, is found dead in a garbage bin. Who killed Warnetzki and wanted to dispose of him this way?

20:15, ONE, Wolfsland: Deep in the forest

One month has passed since Commissar "Butsch" (Götz Schubert), the Oberlausitzer Eigenbrötler, and Viola Delbrück (Yvonne Catterfeld), the newly appointed criminalist from Hamburg, have persecuted and stopped a young criminal couple. Despite this success, the mood between the investigators is worse than ever. But right now they are in demand as a team. Because in Görlitz a serial offender seems to be on the way, who murdered young, attractive joggers in a cruel way, but leaves no usable traces.

21:45 clock, ZDF, The criminalist: The lost son

A young man is run over by a car and dies at the scene of the accident. The driver lacks any trace. When Commissioner Schumann (Christian Berkel) hears the name Friedland, he is alarmed. The dead man is Florian Friedland and was released from prison only hours earlier. His father Kurt (Jürgen Tarrach) was once a Berliner in the drug milieu. Florian was to become his successor. Maybe someone wanted to prevent this at all costs.

A Day With Money Gang (July 2020).

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