Crime TV Tips: Who shot the judge in the "Bolzano Crime"?

20:15, The First, The Bolzano Crime: Light booty

In a burglary, a retired judge is shot in his house with his own gun. An accidental robbery with death or a cold-blooded act of revenge? "Mrs. Commissario" Sonja Schwarz (Chiara Schoras) and "Capo" Matteo Zanchetti (Tobias Oertel) consider both possible, because the victim, as "Judge Eisenhart" decried, had many enemies. The case also seamlessly fits into a series of burglaries in which the alarm systems failed in an enigmatic way.

20:15 clock, WDR, crime scene: once really die

In a detached house in Munich, the commissioners Batic (Miroslav Nemec) and Leitmayr (Udo Wachtveitl) find the body of Michaela Danzer and the lethal Daniel Ruppert. The six-year-old Quirin (Florian Mathis) has disappeared and is still found in the night completely disturbed in front of a hospital. The boy is an important witness, but he does not speak a word.

20:15 clock, ZDFneo, Last track Berlin: Hope

The party leader Rudolf Menz (Hannes Hellmann) had to resign because of the scandal for an alleged rape. Now up-and-coming politician Mark Stiller (Roman Knizka) is at the top of the league ahead of the leap and should give the talk of his life. However, when he is due to attend the special stage at the lectern, the stage remains empty. Stiller has disappeared. His assistant Lara Westheide (Lisa Maria Potthoff) contacted Oliver Radek (Hans-Werner Meyer) and the missing persons team.

21:00 clock, ZDFneo, last track Berlin: Eternal darkness

Autumn time in Berlin. In the summer camp "Camp Krumme Lanke", the offspring of wealthy parents gather for a conscious break from a civilized everyday life. The catchwords are "deceleration" and "turning to nature". But then the two girls Charlotte (Llewellyn Reichman) and Helen (Ruby O. Fee) as well as the leader of the camp, Peter Sondheimer (Anian Zollner), do not come back from the daily breadsticks in a nearby café. By the dawn, there is no trace of the three.

21:45 clock, ZDFneo, The man without a shadow

It is not a commonplace assignment for the Berlin lawyer and womanizer Joachim Vernau (Jan Josef Liefers): He should look for a man in Havana, who disappeared without a trace 30 years ago. Katherina Gebhardt (Gudrun Landgrebe) is the sister of the disappeared. Her brother Martin allegedly "emigrated" to the GDR in 1980, but never arrived there. Instead, they reach every year again hints that Martin is still alive. Time in the US, sometimes in Cuba. Now she has to sell the house, their common heritage, and asks Vernau to contact the man in Havana.

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