Crime TV Tips: Inspector Barnaby investigates in the art scene

20:15, ZDFneo, Inspector Barnaby: Morden is also an art

Felicity Law is auctioning off her most precious possessions, a picture of the famous landscape painter William Hogson. The collector George Arlington buys it for a whopping £ 400,000. Felicity donates the proceeds to Mathilda Simms Art School (Susannah Harker) to continue the work of her famous painter. The next morning, the hogson of collector Alan Best is stolen, and Felicity is dead, brutally murdered. Barnaby (John Nettles) lends himself to a lot of art-historical expertise.

20:15, ZDF, A man under suspicion

Two days after her birthday party, Thomas Altmann's (Mark Waschke) wife Anja (Deborah Kaufmann) disappears. Thomas reports her missing. He quickly stands himself under suspicion of murder, as there seems to be incriminating evidence. Thomas' lawyer Lavinia Bertok (Petra Schmidt-Schaller) smashes the arguments of the detectives, who have little in the hand. Lavinia, an attractive woman, is famous for winning every trial. She was a close friend 20 years ago with Thomas and Anja. Although she believes in his innocence, she can not prevent Thomas from being arrested.

21:50, ZDFneo, Inspector Barnaby: athletes and spies

The eccentric master spy Malcolm Frazer (Benjamin Whitrow) is planning the annual cricket tournament and is happy when his former colleague Larkin, whom he does not really like, is quartered with him. Because Larkin is still in good shape to decide the tournament for Frazer's team. But the night after the victory, Larkin is murdered, his face apparently mangled by a huge animal claw. Higher places withdraw the case from Barnaby (John Nettles), but after two more murders with the same characteristics, they humbly ask him to return to work.

10:00 pm, hr, scene: Happy Birthday, Sarah

"Klaus' Haus" is a youth club in one of the most neglected corners of Stuttgart, sponsored by a wealthy heir who turns out to be a cool benefactor. As one of the social workers of "Klaus' house" is murdered, the commissars Thorsten Lannert (Richy Müller) and Sebastian Bootz (Felix Klare) especially Sarah Baumbach (Ruby O. Fee) on: precocious, rebellious, from a criminal family and frequent visitor in the youth club, where leader Sven Vogel (Tobias Oertel) is a confidant for her.

10:15 pm, rbb, scene: The early parting

A young man comes home and finds his wife on the bed of their three-month-old twins - Leon, one of the two infants, is dead. Patrick (Tom Schilling) believes his wife Tamara (Lisa Hagmeister) has done something to the baby, and calls the police. He tells vocalists (Andrea Sawatzki) and Dellwo (Jörg Schüttauf) that this is not the first infant to "die away" under mysterious circumstances; even her first child, Lina, was dead after a few weeks in the cradle, the cause of death remained unclear at the time.

10:45 pm, BR, Police Call 110: And forgive us our guilt

Tim Haffling (Sebastian Griegel), who served a life sentence for almost ten years for the murder of 16-year-old Miriam, committed suicide in his cell. Now suddenly Jens Baumann (Karl Markovics) appears at Kriminalhauptkommissar Hanns von Meuffels (Matthias Brandt) and confesses to the deed, for the Haffling einaß. Hanns von Meuffels then led the police investigation. And even if the body of the young girl was never found, all the evidence spoke for Haffling's guilt.

Try and Catch Me | Season 7 FULL EPISODE | Columbo (March 2023).

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