Crime TV Tips: Hunting for a Police Murderer in "Charlotte Link"

8:15 pm, hr, Charlotte Link: The Betrayed

In the middle of the night retired police chief Richard Linville (Robert Pickavance) is torn from his sleep. A hooded man has invaded his house: he tortures Linville to death. Only a little later, his daughter, the London Scotland Yard official Kate (Peri Baumeister), arrives - not only to organize the funeral of her revered father, but also to do her own research. The local police chief Caleb Hale (Dirk Borchardt), who actually does not progress, does not like that.

8:15 pm, ONE, The Vixen - Dark Track

The mid-fifties Anne Marie Fuchs (Lina Wendel) lives modestly and withdrawn in Dusseldorf. Her only regular contact is the head of the restaurant-café "Midsummer", Simone Pope (Jasmin Schwiers), who always has a good cup of coffee ready for Anne and with whom she can receive a letter. When the best buddy of Simone's brother Sebastian is found murdered and Sebastian disappears without a trace, Anne offers her help. It soon becomes clear that the inconspicuous lady, who is always in short supply, seems to be an absolute investigative expert with a razor-sharp mind.

21:45, the first, Styrian blood

Ironically St. Anna! With a bad feeling the Grazer LKA young commissioner Sandra Mohr (Miriam Stein) returns to her hometown, to enlighten on the side of her new boss Sascha Bergmann (Hary prince) the death of a journalist. Because this wanted to write a revelatory story about abuse of office and nepotism, the mayor (August Schmölzer) under suspicion. Shortly before the election, a scandal for the controversial politician would be more than inconvenient. He can only rely on his nephew Max Leitgeb (Thomas Stipsits). He lets evidence disappear and clumsily approaches Sandra, his "ex" from teenage days.

9:45 pm, hr, Charlotte Link: The last lane

Rosanna Hamilton (Jasmin Gerat) is looking for her missing friend Elaine Dawson, who went to her wedding three years ago and never arrived. Since then she has disappeared without a trace. Was she the victim of a woman murderer whom the police have hunted in vain? When the journalist appears at the insistence of her boss on a TV talk show to promote her series of articles, suddenly a viewer announces. With him, a woman lives to subtenancy: Elaine Dawson, Rosanna's girlfriend on the missing person photo. Rosanna makes her way to the remote house near London - unaware of what she's getting into.

B.C. homicides: Hunt for fugitives ends (June 2021).

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