Crime TV tips: "Helen Dorn" is in crisis

20:15, ZDFneo, Helen Dorn: Prague Embassy

Helen Dorn (Anna Loos) is in crisis: her dramatic chase after a criminal ends with two dead - and a bullet in her chest. Helen survives the emergency operation, but suffers from the physical and mental consequences. Her transfer to the office has already been decided when she is asked by the young BKA Commissioner Felix (Christoph Letkowski) for help. A bottle post from Prague contains the cry for help of a kidnapped man, whom the authorities long considered dead: the entrepreneur Westerberg was abducted in 2014 in Prague, the contact with his kidnappers tore off.

20:15, 3Sat, A murder with a view

The police from Hengasch's neighboring village "Hammelforst" - yes, there is a police station in this sleepy Eifel village as well - under the direction of Detective Inspector Holm (Nina Proll), is called to the house of Hans-Peter Jogereit (Matthias Matschke). Here it should have come to a violent dispute. And what they find there, irritates not only the Hammelforster police, but also us spectators: Next to a shot jogged is Sophie Haas (Caroline Peters), in her hand the murder weapon. And because the dead Jogereit is Sophie's archenemy, she is now suspected of murder!

20:15, BR, scene: The house at the end of the street

A routine survey by Commissioner Steier (Joachim Król) leads to a catastrophe. A ricochet fatally injures a little girl. In court, however, the perpetrator is acquitted because the lawyer, the statement by Steier, who had properly nourished the night before use in a pub in question. Steier is beside himself and quits the service, "finally wants to be hero in his own movie again". He charges his gun and tracks Nico (Maik Rogge), who fired the deadly shots.

20:15, Sat.1 Gold, The Bull of Tolz: Death of a priest

To escape deportation, an asylum-seeker family has been entrenched in the church. The whole village supports them. But then the news of the storming of the church puts all on alert, especially when the pastor refuses to take the family to another place. The next day, the housekeeper Lucia (Anica Dobra) finds the dead pastor in the church.

22:00 clock, NDR, crime scene: scars

Dr. Patrick Wangila was stabbed. The first indications point to a relationship: The native of the Congo doctor was married to a German, but obviously he had an affair. Ballauf (Klaus J. Behrendt) and Schenk (Dietmar Bär) quickly target his widow Vivien Wangila (Anne Ratte-Polle). But also Wangila's clinic colleague Sabine Schmuck (Julia Jäger) and the nurse Angelika Meyer (Laura Tonke) become entangled in contradictions. In addition, the commissioners are puzzling whether there is a connection between this act and the death of a young Congolese.

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