Crime TV tips: bomb alert in "Police Call 110"

20:15 clock, WDR, Police 110: witch hunt

Detective Chief Inspector Olga Lenski (Maria Simon) and police chief Horst Krause (Horst Krause) have to clear up the explosives attack in a school. In their investigation they learn that the final exams of the tenth classes are imminent. Quick suspicion of Tobias Lubkoll (Ludwig Simon) and Ben Wieland (Anselm Bresgott) from the 10B. Both must fear for their degree. The case, however, takes a new turn when it turns out that the tube bomb should explode by a time fuse actually only at 5 pm in the afternoon.

20:15, The First, The Crime Thriller: Death of a Legend

In a posh cottage, the police find the body of Goran Trevic (Janko Rakos), son of football legend Dragan Trevic (Miroslav Nemec). The influential sports official is suspected in the investigation of Branka Maric (Neda Rahmanian), because the murder weapon comes from his vault and there are indications of conflicts in the family. Dragan is heavily burdened by the journalist Stipe Rif (Stipe Erceg), who researched for years in the environment of Trevics. It does not come to a hearing, however, because the police finds Dragan Trevic shot dead in his car.

22:25, 3sat, Hakan Nesser: Van Veeterens heaviest case

The daughter of private detective Veerlangen asks Van Veeteren (Sven Wollter) to look for her missing father. The retired commissar is thereby caught up in his past, for "Case G.", in which he identified seven years ago together with Veerlangen, is the only one he never solved. The businessman Jan G. Hennan had murdered his wife, but Van Veeteren could never prove anything to him. So the commissioner put the murderer under pressure - but he resisted by putting Van Veeteren's son Erich in jail.

22:25, rbb, Police 110: All lies

The entrepreneur Herbert Marstein is shot dead. Everything points first to the robbery of a Polish gang. Marstein seems to have lived as a "lonely wolf", nobody had closer contact with him. Not even his son Florian (Tobias Schenke), who lives in Austria for years and supposedly returns only when he hears of his father's death. But Florian had already returned to Brandenburg two weeks earlier and had delivered a solid argument with him shortly before the death of his father. Commissioner Johanna Herz (Imogen Kogge) finds out that Marstein has blocked the construction of a Polish investor.

11:30 pm, NDR, Donna Leon: Vendetta

The prominent Venetian lawyer Carlo Trevisan is shot dead in a train compartment. Commissario Brunetti (Joachim Król) and his assistant Vianello (Karl Fischer) are amazed that neither the wife Franca (Gudrun Landgrebe) nor the daughter Francesca grieve for the dead. Brunetti finds out that Franca Trevisan had a relationship with Martucci, her husband's deputy, who impeded the police investigation. Brunetti's assistant Vianello is convinced of Martucci's Mafia contacts, but finds no evidence.

Sawn off shotgun found magnet fishing (April 2021).

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