Crime Scene Shock: Popular investigator duo makes an end!

20 years is the first use of Inga Lürsen ago - as long as actress Sabine Postel already gives the Bremen crime scene commissar a face. Four years later, in 2001, Oliver Mommsen joined Nils Stedefreund as colleague. Now they both conclude: crime scene pension!

However, it is a farewell with a long lead time: Five episodes with the two Bremen investigators will still exist. The next crime scene will come from the Hanseatic city this month, another will be shown this year.

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In 2018, two more episodes will be on show with the two, until 2019 when the final episode with Lürsen and Stedefreund comes. Which way they get off, is still unclear.

What is behind the exit of the popular "crime scene" investigators? Oliver Mommsen revealed the "image" in the interview: "We made the decision together, and not because one person can no longer deal with the other." Rather, the stories of the investigators are told, Mommsen would not be planned to pension even.

The next time we see Lürsen and Stedefreund on 12 March in the Bremen crime scene "night vision" - and then follow only four films with the cult duo.

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